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07/17/17Novel acne gel found safe in three clinical trials
07/13/17Nitric-Based Acne Treatment Effective in Adolescents with Acne Vulgaris
07/12/17Nitric oxide cream in pipeline
06/09/17Different possibilities based on a patient’s unique needs
06/05/17Early phase Tx promising
05/23/17Tinea pedis treatment tests better than expected
04/12/17Novan soothes investors with positive antifungal trial
04/12/17Novan shares shoot up on positive PhII anti-fungal gel boast; Apexigen strikes a checkpoint combo agreement with Bristol-Myers
03/27/17Exclusive: Novan CEO Talks Strategic Partnerships, 2017 Pipeline, Finance Evaluation
03/23/17The Focus for FDA approval: Former Quintiles Exec Moves to Novan
03/20/17VIDEO: Nitric oxide-releasing Gel Shows Efficacy in Treating Genital Warts
03/05/17Nitric Oxide Gel Shows Promise for Genital Warts
02/28/17HPV and Genital Warts
10/26/16What's Next for Novan After Its IPO?
10/25/16Novan Only Piercing the Skin of Its Potential Says CEO
10/10/16Novan gets new digs in RTP
05/24/16Improved Understanding of Inflammation in Acne Pathophysiology: Leading to New Developments in Treatment
11/30/15Novel Advances in Acne Therapy
11/13/15What You Need to Know About Novan Therapeutics
11/02/15Study Finds Doctors Overuse Antibiotics for Acne Care
10/27/15Durham's Novan Therapeutics Adds Manufacturing Facility for New Drugs
03/30/15Skincare startup bags $50M to get its acne drug into Phase III
03/25/15Exclusive: Glaxo vet Ingram talks about Malin Corp.'s deal with Viamet, Novan
09/12/14How to Attract Smart People, Smart Ideas, and Smart Money
06/17/14High-Tech Small Businesses Receive Tibbetts Awards for Innovative and Outstanding Contributions
05/05/14Novan Wins ‘Buzz of BIO’ Spotlight
04/14/14AAD Winter 2014 Meeting Highlights
02/10/14Novan seeks to unleash power of nitric oxide in ‘tunable’ drugs
12/01/13Industry Report: New Players Emerge as Consolidation Continues
08/26/13Durham Drug Company Novan Awarded $7.8 Million Government Contract
04/12/13Cree co-founder shares startup wisdom
04/12/13Backers with Pedigrees Give Drug Firm Heft